The AMERICAN DREAM is Under Attack...

And there are 3 POWERFUL steps we can take to WIN IT BACK!

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Dear Friend,

Remember the good ol' days of paying $2 at the pump? Instead of millions of barrels of OUR reserve oil being sent to China.

Sending our kids to school without worrying what new agenda will be forced on them? And letting the parents decide what they learn about this world!

Living in true American FREEDOM? This without having to constantly watch our back and worry what the Government has cooked up next!

Oh the memories of a time that is quickly fading into the distance...

But it's not too late!

Before I tell you why...

... Let's look a bit into What is going on for this to be happening.

Well... simply put: Our GOVERNMENT is moving further and further away from the founding principles our forefathers set into place, namely



The U.S. Government's JOB is to guarantee us a slice of paradise during our time on earth by UPHOLDING our GOD-GIVEN rights as Americans.


...Our Government is turning into the very beast that we fled from when we created this beautiful country!

An ALL-CONSUMING and CONTROLLING power that is oppressing it's people with 1 agenda: to get more power and control.

So what is the solution to all of this?

Focusing on our founding democratic basics... giving power to the people... again making our Government BY US and FOR US.

Believe it or not...

You and I are the KINGS and QUEENS

Yep! When the U.S. Declaration of Independence was written, it was essentially a letter to a tyrant: the King of England.

Who at the time was the most powerful man IN THE WORLD!

Unfortunately the colonists of our country lived under corruption, tyranny, overreach of power, over-taxation and other freedom limitations - ring a bell?


We are currently going through a transformation process as a country that is unfortunately BRINGING US BACK TO TYRANNY!

This is why the intention of our founding fathers was to make YOU and I the Kings and Queens by giving us the power to COLLECTIVELY and DEMOCRATICALLY make decisions about how our country should be run.

And with this: Creating a Government made BY the people FOR the people.

This was directly mirrored from what the Bible said: "But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light."(Taken from 1. Peter 2:8)

Or in other words, God sees us all as chosen and royal... and to accomplish this, we have to work together.... in alignment and as 1 body! (a little side note: I completely respect you if you don't believe in the Bible, God etc... Though our country's democracy was founded on these values as the absolute).

The Government is working to destroy this... And we need to take action BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

It's Time to Take a Stand - We Have 1 More Chance!

...And show the Government that we wear the pants... because WE are the people.

So that we can return to using our founding principles as a guiding light so that we can revive the American Dream...

...and in turn, give the power back to the people in our modern-society.

Avoiding the collapse of our economy... the collapse of our society.

So: we have 1 more chance to course-correct before things take a plunge for the worst leading us to a possible tail-spin that could take generations to recuperate from.

I'm talking about a could-be downward spiral that might outshine the Great Depression of the 1920's... and I don't say this lightly (this is why I am stepping up and in!)...

...we could be looking at massive housing crisis unparalleled in history...

Even worse: mass firings and a loss of jobs we have never before witnessed!

And for the proverbial "cherry on top" of the problems: Hyper-Inflation that kills your salary, savings and lifestyle.

These are real issues and they are about to snowball out of control!

So how do we fix this before it get's worse?

3 Steps to Rescue The American Dream

Think of it as an orange tree...

... the orange tree is essentially composed of 3 elements:
1) The roots (Align our democracy)
2) The trunk (Apply our democracy)
3) The branches/leaves (Reap from our democracy)

And we all know that if some of the roots of an orange tree are rotten... well, this affects the trunk and the branches...

MAYBE some of the branches will produce big and tasty oranges... some smaller and less desirable ones and others none at all.

Though the more rotten the roots become... the more we feel the result of it in the branches.

In other words... we need to re-align our democracy... fix the application of it (legislation, Government programs etc)... And reap the freedom benefits of it.

Let's look at each step in a little more detail:

Step 1: Aligning Our Democracy

In the midst of a war-torn conflict between the 13 colonies and the Tyranny of the King of England...

We decided that that we would no longer live under control and oppression... that we would be a FREE NATION... That we all have a right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!

This would be the FIRST EVER experiment in democracy in history. So in 1776 the Declaration of Independence was published. And essentially nailed onto England's front door.

Soon after, our founding fathers pounded out the Constitution of the United States of America, which would be our founding rules for this new democracy... (how the Federal Government is structured and should essentially operate with the Senate, House, Presidency etc).

and Finally and more commonly known, the amendment to the constitution to spell out OUR FREEDOMS: the amazing Bill of Rights (think: freedom of speech, right to bear arms etc)...

The amazing thing about the Bill of Rights is that it was designed to PROTECT us against Government Overreach! Seriously.

Everything the Federal Government decides, should be done based on these founding principles. And if it doesn't... it is OUR DUTY as a nation to hold the Government ACCOUNTABLE.

Making sure that what is done at the ROOTS of our democracy is aligned with our founding principles...

... and guess what?

Congress, Senate, the President and VP ARE NOT currently aligned with our founding principles... They are running their own circus... abusing their powers and only focusing on the power struggle between the two parties...

This is where we fight back... and STEP UP to bring us back to the founding principles that allowed the USA to be the beckoning light in this world!


Step 2: Applying Our Democracy

This is where the 3 branches of Government step in and APPLY our democracy... Where the ROOTS flow into the TRUNK of the tree... allowing it to grow higher and higher.

This includes: Drafting new laws (Legislative: think Congress), carrying out the new laws (think President, VP etc) and evaluating new laws (Think Supreme court)...

This is where the CHECKS AND BALANCES our forefathers created are supposed to step in and prevent TRILLIONS in money printing during COVID... Government Overreach and much more...

Though unfortunately due to the corruption, power circles and problems at the top... it's simply not.

The solution? Well... quite simply: start voting for people who are honest who you believe will uphold our democracy and who will FIGHT FOR YOU!

Step 3: Reaping From Our Democracy

Once we have the SOLID roots of democracy in place... a THICK and STURDY Trunk allowing the laws of this land to FREELY FLOW the way they should...

...we reach the final and most important step.

The Branches that bear the FRUIT so we can freely pick from them!

This is where the laws of the land are then applied and put into effect so that we as citizens and residents of the U.S.A. can taste and enjoy the American Dream we have built together.

This is where the Federal Government can:
- Make sure YOUR money is spent right
- Guarantee that your freedoms are upheld
- Make sure that you have access to GOOD and AFFORDABLE healthcare
- Fight domestic terror and crime
- Give benefits and treat those who have FOUGHT FOR OR FREEDOM as they should
- UPHOLD our country's Christian values as the absolute right and wrong while allowing anyone to believe as they wish
- Stimulate our small business, innovation, international trade and the economy in general
- And so so much more.

It's Time to Stand up and Fight for Our Country

The time to stand up and fight is now... not later. The problem is only getting worse by the day...

Though we have a chance to send a TIDAL WAVE of change straight to the steps of the capitol this November 8th.

And I'm asking you to JOIN THIS FIGHT... JOIN THIS COMMUNITY and stand up with me!

Say that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH that our country is OURS that we built with our blood, sweat and tears...

...a message that our hero's haven't died in vain for our country.

This is why I am asking you to put your trust and vote for me, Kevin Porter for Congress.

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Who Am I?

My name is Kevin Porter, 39 year's old, married for 15 years with 4 children (oh and 1 dog!)...

My dream was never that of a political career though I couldn't just sit on the sidelines anymore...

After running several successful businesses for over a decade, becoming a celebrity in Brazil (it's a funny story I'll tell another time)...

...I have been watching as our country goes quickly into decline: Economically, morally, politically and socially...

We are on a collision course as a nation and I have the experience and tools to help us nationally and internationally!

I speak 4 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish. Have years of experience dealing with a large number of countries and cultures (which is UNBELIEVABLY essential for today's globalized world).

Why Should You Vote for Me?

I am not a career politician who has been living my life inside an aquarium... I am just like you, living life on the OUTSIDE and feeling the pains and consequences of what is currently going on.

As a matter of fact: I am not looking at politics to serve my interests...

My sole desire is to serve my American brothers and sisters...

I will do this especially well with all of my business experience... being accessible to you... having a well-run office that serves you well and gives you access!

I am quick on my toes, innovative and wise. I pickup things very quickly and LOVE to serve my American brothers and sisters.

And dream of working hard to guarantee you your GOD-GIVEN rights as an American...

I will not only FIGHT FOR YOU as your elected Congressman... I will have the freedom to fight for what WE believe in by being non-partison.

My strongest ability is that in influencing other leaders to do what is right: Serve the American People...

...So you can be sure that I will do my part in draining the current swamp.

we need to elect those that ARE us who are FOR us.

I Put my Money Where my Mouth Is

And proof of that is that I'm all in for you...

...I have no life-line in this. I closed all 3 of my businesses down so that I can focus 100% on this campaign and representing you.

This proves my confidence in winning and my confidence in God's calling me up to the plate.

Let's hit a home-run together!

We have 1 more chance to bring America back onto the right path. I can't do this alone.

I need you!

Check Out the Issues I believe in

If you are still in doubt as to whether you should vote for me or not...

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In a nutshell, I don't align my issues with 1 party or the other. (There is too much corruption and control).

My issues come from the heart and aren't influenced by any political powers or organizations...

...they are TRULY what I believe will bring us back to a THRIVING and FLOURISHING existence.

They are what NEED to be put into practice so that we can live out our dreams and fullest potential.

LIFE, LIBERTY and the pursuit of HAPPINESS.

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Thank you and God Bless America!
Kevin Porter

P.S: I can't argue enough for the urgency of us taking action NOW! We are on a collision course as a nation and we desperately need to course correct before it's too late.

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