The BIG 5: Issues that Will Transform Our Country

Hey there! Let's check out what I call the "BIG 5", these are the biggest issues that will transform our country into a thriving nation!

You will find that these are not based on any party principles, they are aligned directly with our country's foundational principles... order to uphold every American's GOD-GIVEN right to LIFE, LOVE and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS:

1) We Must Have a Good Economy

- We Need to Get Inflation Under Control (The biggest indirect tax increase in U.S. History).
- Bring Innovation and Jobs back to the States (We are pouring our country's money into country's abroad instead of stimulating our own economy).
- Stop insane Government spending (over 13 TRILLION dollars have been printed under Covid... this needs to STOP!)
- Support small businesses (Make it easy and more attractive to start and run a business).

2) We Must Have Access to Good Healthcare

- Breakup the Healthcare Mafia (keeping the inner-circles from driving the prices up).
- Open up Healthcare to Free-market Competition (so competition brings prices down and you gain transparency)
- Guarantee GOOD Private Coverage for Everyone (healthcare is a basic human right)

3) We Must Be Protected Domestically and Internationally

- Optimize our Military Spending (Focusing our spending on building our army STRONGER and BETTER)
- Increase benefits for active and retired defence branches (You serve or served and protected our country domestically or abroad, it is OUR DUTY to serve you!)
- Protect our 2nd amendment (GUNS keep us safe and protected as individual and as a nation, if they take them away, they take away our freedom!)

4) We Must Take Care of Our Families:

- Women should have the right to paid maternity leave (All women should have the right to 6 and up to 12 months of paid leave to focus on their babies)

- The Burden on Families should be lighter (More Government funds for family-focused programs)

- Childcare should be more accessible (More Government help to childcare)
- Federal school funding should be increased (currently only about 7.9% a measly $1,900 per child)

5) We Must End Government Overreach:

- End the Government Gender Confusion Agenda (Our kids are under attack and if we don't change this, they will suffer).

- Push back the Federal Government's reach (Less Government control and more empowering of the people).
- Guarantee our 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech (STOP social media and news censoring! Let the people know the truth).
- Align our Government with our Christian Fundamental values (Without moral absolutes in our Government, are nation will be confused and lost).


Within it, you will learn the 3 essential steps in order to Revive The American Dream before it's too late: